When is the best time to take a puppy from mother?
The sight of a troubled dog, which with wild eyes searches everywhere for its little puppy and does not find it at all, will definitely be remembered by you for…

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Yorkshire Terrier Care
There are dog breeds that require special treatment, and the Yorkshire Terrier, care for which can not be called simple, just refers to such specific cases. And if you decide…

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How to teach a dog the command "Next!"
The “Near!” Team is a valuable skill that a dog of any breed should acquire. It is unlikely that any owner will like that the animal will constantly pull the…

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Tick in a dog: types of parasites and symptoms of possible diseases

The flowering period and autumn leaf fall, in addition to external beauty, have a downside. At this time, ticks wake up – parasites that carry dangerous diseases and pose a threat not only to four-legged friends, but also to their owners. In case of defeat by a blood-sucking insect, immediate action is required. We will understand what the tick is dangerous in a dog, what symptoms may appear and what treatment is necessary.

Causes of infection (route of infection)
All existing ticks are divided into 3 groups:

Intradermal, living inside the canine organism in a sleeping form all life. They are dangerous only under certain conditions.
Subcutaneous, falling from the outside and penetrating deep into the skin. Continue reading

Why does a dog’s eyes fester? The main causes of suppuration

Pus is a fluid secreted from blood vessels in the presence of an inflammatory process. Unlike transparent tears, purulent discharge is cloudy and colored in gray, yellow or green. If the dog’s eyes are festering, then its body can be infected with pathogenic organisms that destroy the immune system.

In this case, the body directs all forces to fight the inflammatory process, remaining unprotected against other threats. This feature increases the risk of complicating the situation and requires immediate action by the owner.

Consider the main causes of suppuration, and treatment methods to restore the health of the eyes of a four-friend.

Causes of infection (route of infection)
The appearance of pus is a reaction of the body to the inflammatory process that arose in the body. The main reasons for the appearance of festering eyes include: Continue reading


For families with small children, the selection of the dog breed is quite acute, since this dog itself must not only meet certain criteria, but also be 100% safe. In general, with proper training, almost every dog ​​can get along well with children, but for such training you need to be an experienced dog handler. If the family decided to take a pet for the first time, then, of course, you should choose a puppy of a breed of a kind and soft nature. In the world there are quite a lot of dog breeds that are ideal for children; we will dwell on the most common and popular animals.

COLLIE One of the most beautiful dogs getting along with children is collie. Such dogs are quite intelligent, kind, non-conflict and very easy to train. Collies love children and play with them with great pleasure and enthusiasm, while being constantly on the alert, in order to protect the child from a stranger in case of danger. Collie dogs have a good-natured character and are very loyal to the people with whom they live. Continue reading

How to quickly remove fleas in a dog
Regardless of the conditions in which the dog lives (on the street or in the house), if she has fleas, it is impossible to postpone the treatment. Blood-sucking parasites serve…


What to do if a dog is injured?
The cause of bleeding in a dog may be a wound or illness. Injuries, accompanied by blood loss, animals most often get on a walk, cutting into broken glass or…


Ear mite in dogs
Ear tick in dogs and other animals leads to the development of otodectosis disease. If you skip the start of the infection, the process becomes chronic and threatening, up to…


Wild dingo dog: unusual breed from Australia
Known for its unusual disposition or, rather, familiar from the eponymous novel, the dingo dog is often interested in curious people. There is a lot in this wild “breed” of…