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How to quickly remove fleas in a dog

Regardless of the conditions in which the dog lives (on the street or in the house), if she has fleas, it is impossible to postpone the treatment. Blood-sucking parasites serve as a source of the spread of a huge number of diseases, disturb the psyche of the animal, spread to neighboring territories, including people.
If even one flea is found in a dog, proceed as follows.

Flea life cycle
Flea life cycle
Do not delay with processing – fleas breed at high speed. It will take only a few days for the pet to stop sleeping and eating, and insects penetrate all surrounding objects. Getting them out of there will be much harder than having a dog. In addition, in this case, there remains a high risk of re-invasion.
Apply an integrated approach to the destruction of parasites. In addition to the pet, it will be necessary to process the room in which he lives (in the case of the street this is an aviary, a box, everything that is in them). In order to get rid of bloodsuckers guaranteed, you will need to use not only folk, but also industrial pest control.
The drug for treating a four-friend should be selected in accordance with its characteristics, for example, age, attitude to washing, health status. Ideally, you need to consult a veterinarian, but the advice of people who have already encountered such a situation and have successfully overcome it is acceptable.
At the time of the pest control, the dog should be in “quarantine” – it is worth restricting it from free walking and communication with unfamiliar relatives.
Industrial Flea Remedies
At the moment, the means by which you can remove fleas in a dog are presented in a huge assortment. However, with all its effectiveness, each of them has only a temporary effect, because these parasites are ubiquitous. As soon as the processing action ends, the flea may appear again. Therefore, you need to know how to prevent the invasion, how to quickly get rid of insects, and how to save the result in the future.

Dog wash
Dog wash
Shampoos help to remove fleas in dogs only if their number is minimal, as insects breed, this type of treatment completely loses its effectiveness. To get rid of parasites, drugs based on insecticides, for example, permethrin, help. However, this component can cause an allergic reaction, the signs of which are: excessive secretion of saliva and vomiting.

There are also pest control products for dogs with natural ingredients. Plant extracts have an antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, healing effect, support the pet’s hairline in a healthy state. After applying flea shampoo to the dog, it must be carefully distributed over the body (avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth), left for a while (according to the instructions), washed off. After drying, it is recommended to comb the dog with a comb with a frequent comb.

Among the most popular flea shampoos in dogs are: Bruno, Leopard, Fitoelita.

You can quickly get rid of blood-sucking parasites in a four-legged friend at home with the help of drops. This option is more effective than the previous one, therefore it enjoys well-deserved popularity. The action of the contents of the vial lasts for about a month (subject to instructions).

Drops are applied to the skin of the dog in a place inaccessible to licking (most often – the scruff of the neck). The active ingredient is toxic to bloodsuckers; it penetrates the epidermis and bloodstream of the animal, which leads to the disposal of insects. However, before removing fleas in a dog with drops, you need to consult a veterinarian, since the active ingredients have side effects and contraindications.

Among the drops can be noted: Bars Forte, Celandine, Barrier, Front Line.

Using a dog collar to remove fleas in a dog is convenient, but it presents certain difficulties. This method is not suitable for puppies that are waiting to be added and nursing dogs, since the insecticides that impregnated the collar can have a negative effect on the puppy’s body.

Collars containing natural substances and ultrasonic are safer. At the same time, the latter option is too expensive.

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