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Small and dwarf dog breeds not only have a fragile physique: many of their organs are highly sensitive. But despite their small size, they are very energetic. These features and needs should be considered when catering to your little pet.

Three rules for choosing a diet
One of the main rules says that if you choose a ready-made diet, then it must be balanced and take into account all the needs of the pet. Another rule concerns strict adherence to feeding patterns and serving sizes. Third, it prescribes making an adult dog’s diet mostly from dry food, which helps prevent the formation of tartar and is perfectly absorbed by the pet’s body.

Nutrition Rules for Adult Dogs
For dogs of small and dwarf breeds, a special dry food is needed, enriched with special ingredients that help prevent diseases of the teeth and gums, which these dogs are particularly susceptible to.

Proper nutrition of your little pet has a positive effect on the level of physical activity, and, of course, on his well-being and health.

For particularly energetic
The level of metabolism of dogs of small and dwarf breeds is much higher than that of large dogs. They are very active and, as a rule, burn more calories per kilogram of their weight than representatives of medium and large breeds. Surprisingly, they need 60% more calories in order to stay awake all day. Moreover, such dogs have a small stomach, and therefore they cannot eat as much food as large pets.

Due to its high metabolic rate, small dogs should be fed more often, but in smaller portions. Follow the instructions on the package so that the number and quality of meals is strictly consistent with the weight of the pet, otherwise overeating will be fraught with Obesity and related health problems.

Therefore, without exception, all representatives of small and dwarf breeds need a special food that has a higher calorie content – such as PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult. It contains the OPTIHEALTH® complex, which positively affects the intestinal microflora due to the content of prebiotic fibers, which improve gastrointestinal motility and normalize digestive processes.

In addition, a balanced content of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D supports the health of teeth and gums, and the optimal ratio of proteins, calories and omega-3 fatty acids positively affects the health of the joints, even with excessive loads on them.

For healthy skin and coat
One of the most common problems in dogs of small and dwarf breeds is sensitive skin with a tendency to allergic reactions. Such skin needs special support: improving the skin condition of omega-3 and 6 Fatty acids, which are found, for example, in salmon fish, vitamins A, B, C, E. Extremely beneficial for the health of the skin and coat of dogs zinc.

PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult Sensitive Skin with the OPTIDERMA® complex is enriched with these trace elements, as well as amino acids that help maintain healthy skin and hair of pets, contains an increased level of Antioxidants. It has no gluten, which minimizes possible skin reactions associated with food sensitivity, and it uses high-quality salmon as the main source of protein.

For healthy digestion
Another weak point of dogs of small and dwarf breeds is the sensitivity of the digestive system, their balance of intestinal microflora is easily upset. To maintain the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of such pets, improve digestion and intestinal motility, they need to use fiber and high-quality Protein, their diet should contain easily digestible nutrients and Prebiotics.

Gastrointestinal normalizing ingredients are part of PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST®. In addition, it contains chicory, which serves as an excellent source of inulin prebiotic and therefore improves the balance of the intestinal microflora of the dog. And as a source of protein, lamb meat is used, which has a high biological value and reduces the load on the digestive tract.

With age, various changes occur in the body of dogs. They need to be treated with patience and listen, they should be considered in order to competently support your pet. And the key to this is proper nutrition.

Age changes
It is necessary to feed dogs in adulthood with food that takes into account the particular health of pets at this age stage. It has many differences from food for other age groups: in nutritional value, in the content of trace elements, minerals and vitamins.

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