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Dog for baby
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How to choose a puppy

In order to choose the right puppy and subsequently not regret your decision, first of all, you need to sincerely answer your question: “Why do I need a dog?” Depending on the breed, dogs can act as guards, watchmen, hunters, companions, or simply true friends. Perhaps you have dreamed all your life of walking in the fresh air with a Siberian husky, or you are closer to evening on the couch with a miniature toy terrier at your side, or maybe you want to spend your time royally in the company of Welsh Corgi? Some owners are crazy about long-haired breeds, with which you can experiment with hairstyles and buy funny accessories for them, while other owners prefer shorthair animals, for which you do not have to vacuum daily.

Before you get a dog, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Make sure that your family members support this venture, and the psychological climate in the house is quite calm. Read articles about the care and maintenance of dogs, evaluate your strength.

If the decision to take a puppy is made, and it is unshakable, you need to decide what you need the dog for, and, accordingly, what breed, gender and category of pets to consider.

Dogs of any breed are divided into 3 classes.

Pet. Translated from English, pet means “pet.” From the name it follows that this category includes simple dogs “for home”. They cannot participate in exhibitions and are not suitable for breeding due to any deviations from the breed standard. Such animals are neutered or sterilized so that the marriage is not transmitted to the offspring. But non-standard does not mean bad, a puppy of the pet category can grow up as a beautiful smart dog and become a loyal friend to you. Pet class puppies are cheaper than the rest.
Brid. Breed translates to “breed.” Breed dogs have a good pedigree, they meet the breed standard, but with minor features. They participate in exhibitions where they do not claim victory. Their main task is to give offspring, in which the genes of prominent ancestors can appear. Breed puppies are significantly more expensive than pet.
Show. The word show does not need to be translated. Show class puppies are the best of the best. Specialists know such pets by name, and at exhibitions they have no equal. Often you have to reserve a champion puppy before his birth. Show class is the most expensive category of dogs.
How to choose a breed of puppy
Every year there are more and more dog breeds. At the moment, their number exceeds 500, starting from the classic German shepherd dogs, cocker spaniels or Pekingese, ending with the exotic Labradoodle, Chausus or Pomsky for us so far. Fortunately, in order to choose the right puppy, it is not necessary to study all of them. Usually, each person likes only a few breeds of dogs, from which he chooses the most suitable for him.

The breed not only determines the appearance of the pet, but also affects its character, as well as how it will be necessary to spend time with the dog, how much its maintenance will cost. Care, games and raising a pet should not be a heavy burden on the owner, on the contrary, the dog in the house is an inexhaustible source of love and fun!

How to choose a puppy
Dog breeds for an apartment
For living in an urban environment, calm, friendly, non-aggressive pets of small and medium sizes are suitable. A dog living in an apartment should not be hyperactive, otherwise it will begin to destroy the home. It is also desirable that there is no thick undercoat, due to which the molt will be very plentiful. Pay attention to “slobbering” – rocks with copious salivation dirty walls and furniture. It is important that the dog is friendly to others, adapts to the rhythm of the owner’s life and can be a decent company for a walk in the park.

Popular breeds suitable for apartment: Welsh Corgi, Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Maltese Lap Dog, Affenpincher, Labrador, Spitz, Basenji, Chihuahua, Toy Terrier.

Dog breeds for home
When choosing a dog for a private house, you need to decide in advance whether your pet will spend most of the time in the house and periodically go to the site, or whether he should live in an aviary and protect the territory. In the first case, the same pets are suitable as for the apartments, as well as their more active relatives, such as the Airedale or Beagle. Life in the aviary will be comfortable for large guard, service and shepherd dogs: Moscow watchdog, German shepherd, bloodhound, alabai, border collie, Doberman, Caucasian shepherd.

If you want a real good man to live with you, who would only warn a formidable bark about danger and scare uninvited guests with their size, pay attention to the Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland and St. Bernard.

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