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Dog Food Classes
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Dog Food Classes
Today, each type of dog food - dry, semi-moist, wet, canned - has its own classification. It can not be called unified, uniform for all the leading manufacturers of ready-made…

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Yorkshire Terrier Care

There are dog breeds that require special treatment, and the Yorkshire Terrier, care for which can not be called simple, just refers to such specific cases. And if you decide to get yourself this charming dog, then you should first carefully read the rules for caring for him.

How to accustom the Yorkshire Terrier to the tray
To teach a Yorkshire Terrier puppy to order from the first days, you need to train him to do his own thing on a special diaper or newspaper. To do this, the first time you need to put a diaper or newspaper near the place allotted to the puppy. If the puppy has made a puddle in another place, then blot them so that its smell remains and put this wet newspaper or diaper in your chosen place for the puppy’s toilet.

It is also worth watching how the puppy leads right after eating. Most likely, the animal will fuss, and look for a place for the departure of natural needs. Then you will need to carefully take the puppy and transfer it to a tray with a newspaper. Once he is done, praise him. And in a fairly short time you will teach your baby to go to the toilet on a specially designated place. And then you can rearrange the tray in any place convenient for you.

Choosing a place for a puppy
Start by choosing the place where the puppy will live. It should be away from windows, radiators, drafts, etc. Also, do not place a place on the aisle – the puppy should feel comfortable.

Buying toys
Be sure to buy a sufficient number of toys – otherwise he will take on furniture, shoes and wires (the latter can cost a puppy life).

First walks
Walking should begin with only 5 – 7 minutes, but gradually the intervals need to be increased.

Bathing with shampoo
More complex care for the Yorkshire Terrier puppy begins with the first bath, because it is healthy long hair that makes these dogs so special. Before the first vaccination, you should not bathe your puppy. For washing, you need to use baby shampoo, but it is much better to use a special shampoo for dogs. Foam needs to be washed off very carefully. Next, we begin to dry the hair with a hairdryer, and after that we wrap the dog in a towel for half an hour. The ears of the puppy should be protected from water getting into them – for this, cotton swabs with petroleum jelly are inserted into them.

Ear cleaning
The next important part of caring for Yorkshire Terrier puppies is ear cleaning. Clean the auricle itself and the ear canal, not deeper than 0.5 cm. The cotton swab should be moistened with mite or otitis media. We clean the ear until the fleece is completely clean, and then dry with dry cotton wool.

Yorkshire Terrier Eye Care
Eyes should be washed with a cotton swab specially moistened in warm water, and then wiped dry around the eyes. You need to do this regularly.

At least 3 times a week it is necessary to comb the puppy’s hair. Immediately we begin to do all such procedures on the table, so you gradually accustom the puppy to future grooming procedures.

Claw cutting
Puppy’s claws also require some care. In summer, the claws themselves are erased during walks on asphalt, stones or solid ground. However, in the cold season, you should get a claw cutter, and cut the claws as they grow. Otherwise, you can ruin the puppy’s paw setting.

Teeth cleaning
Since the appearance of permanent cloves (approximately 7 months), it is necessary to care for them. You need to make sure that yellow plaque and tartar do not appear on the teeth. The procedure should be performed approximately once every 7 days: with special toothpaste, toothpowder (odorless) or chalk. An alternative way would be to add a sour apple or bone with cartilage to the food.

Exhibition Preparation
From an early age, the Yorkshire Terrier, whose food, care and hygiene we are currently considering, should be prepared to participate in exhibitions: accustom him to combing on the table, taking a rack and calmly responding to measurements.

How to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy at home
First days. You need to find out from the breeder what your little Yorkshire Terrier is used to – food, care and maybe some small character traits. And in the first few weeks, you should feed the puppy what he’s already used to, gradually.

Diet. You need to choose a specific mode and feed the dog in accordance with it – this is either 2.5 hours before the walk or half an hour after it. You can’t force feed a dog! The bowl should not stand for more than twenty minutes, if during this time the food has not been eaten, then remove it.

The quality of food. Feed your puppy natural products. The optimum temperature is 40 degrees. The consistency of food is approximately like that of thick sour cream. You can not give a puppy smoked, salty, sweet, fried and fat. Also, you don’t need to give the dog pieces from the table – so you just turn it into a beggar. How much to give food at one time should be determined independently with an eye on the season of the year, the load and age of the dog.

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