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Safety Above All

Safety Above All
The main thing is not to panic. If you crawl into a dog fight with frightened cries to save your dog, it will not end in any good way for you or your four-legged friend. Fighting pets are very excited, often they don’t even see what and who they are piercing their fangs into. Therefore, desperate owners, who climb with their bare hands to separate the brawlers, are often accidentally bitten by their own pet. Especially dangerous are situations when large dogs or fighting breed dogs, widely known for their dead grip, enter into an “argument with fists”.

To avoid this, you need to try to stay calm and, very importantly, not try to separate the dogs with blows and slaps, and even accompanying these actions with a cry. This behavior will only increase the anger of animals. Why? Everything is very simple. Have you ever seen service dogs being prepared for guard duty? The primary development of anger occurs with the help of blows by a noisy (for example, cracking) object about specially equipment or the ground. Loud sounds, pops, strong leash tension and the owner’s cries do not upset, but only cheer the dogs up and intensify aggression. Therefore, it is likely that you, being in a stressful state, with your hasty actions, can aggravate the situation.

Remember: dogs smell excellently when adrenaline is released into a person’s blood. And the state of the owner is always transferred to the pet. So that your pet does not become nervous and angry even more, you need to try to keep calm and self-confidence.

How to separate the fighting dogs correctly?
The safest way to stop the dog fight is as follows: the owners of brawlers need to simultaneously grab their pets with their two hands on their tails or hind legs, slightly raise them and pull them apart.

So that the dog, being in an excited state and losing control of the situation, does not bite you, you can throw it away from itself so that the dog lands on its back or at least on its side. While he will stand on his paws, you need to have time to take him by the collar and fasten to a leash.

If the hosts do not hesitate, work smoothly and correctly, the fight will be able to stop pretty quickly. It only remains to take the dogs away from each other so that they calm down, and if necessary, treat the wounds as soon as possible in order to avoid infection. After all, as you know, dog bites heal for a very long time.

If there is such a situation that you have to separate the fighting dogs alone, you need to grab the animal that wins the fight by the tail or hind legs, and, continuing to move your back forward, drag it to the place where the dog can be locked (an aviary, garage, any fenced area) or attach. If the dog is pulled out when pulled apart and you feel that you cannot hold it, throw it to the ground, twisting it slightly so that the dog lands belly up.

If the animal does not behave very aggressively, try to take it on a leash, take it away and tie it to a tree, fence or building. Now you can pacify the second dog.

Often, after the dog clenches his teeth, he can be tamed with the help of a strict and loud order) to give the prohibiting command “Fu!” Or “To me!”) And take it on a leash. But keep in mind that such a number will only be with a dog that clearly performs basic commands and obeys the owner for a walk.

How to separate fighting dogs? Difficulties you may encounter
It so happens that the owners simultaneously raise the dogs, and they grabbed each other’s teeth so tightly that pulling them apart is not an option: in this case, the dogs can cause serious injuries to each other. In this situation, you need to pinch the dogs for the groin with one hand. Here they have the so-called “button”, after clicking on which the dog switches attention – and the jaws involuntarily open.

If it is difficult for you to hold the breaking dog with your hands, try to fold the leash in the shape of a loop, throw it on the animal’s thigh and tighten it tightly. So you can drag the dog by the leash and easily tie it to any object. But remember: you can’t throw a leash around your neck!

What can not be done
Do not go into the thick of things and do not grab the dogs for collars.

Never try to open your jaw with your hands. During the fight, the dogs do not control themselves and can attack those who interfere with their relationship. Even those who are dear are a matter of instinct.

If you see dogs that have not yet mated, but just tried to decide who is in charge: they took a fighting stance) arched their backs, raised their hairs at the withers, lifted their tails and try to move in a circle), do not rush to shouting “Fu!”. This can serve as an impetus to the beginning of the fight. Better ignore this situation and let the dogs figure it out on their own. Often, it doesn’t reach the fight, because one animal retreats.

Do not separate the fighting stray dogs! Most likely, they sort things out for a place in the hierarchy. And any interventionists will be perceived by them inadequately.

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