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Design breeds of dogs – features, representatives of the species and their description

The term “designer dogs” appeared at the turn of the 20th century, and representatives of this direction of pets are becoming increasingly popular. The main feature of designer pets is the combination of the best qualities of their parents, who belong to different breeds. In addition, designer dog breeds are mostly hypoallergenic, deciding on the establishment of animals in people with allergic reactions.

History of Origin
Unusual pets began to be raised in the 50s of the 20th century at the court of Elizabeth II in England. Then, the dachshund and Corgi were used as the initial “material”. The result of their crossing was an unusual puppy, who was called “Dorgi”. In the 60s, the experiment of selectors continued. Dog handlers decided to cross spaniels and poodles, having received a funny and pretty animal – a cockapu.

More active experiments and breeding of new breeds continued at the end of the 20th century. Designer dogs were obtained by breeding two or more representatives of different breeds. At the same time, the most attractive puppies with the best set of qualities were selected from the litter for further breeding.

Design breeds of dogs – why are they bred?
Mestizos have many advantages over purebred breeds:

extraordinary appearance, combining the characteristics of the breeds of parents;
minimizing hereditary health problems – designer pets are famous for their good immunity;
improved character, oriented to the person – each design dog is a faithful companion who will be devoted to you completely and unconditionally. Such features as aggression, incredulity, vindictiveness are completely absent among the representatives of the breed;
hypoallergenic coat – many types of designer pets have a coat that is safe for allergy sufferers. They practically do not fade and do not cause you any inconvenience.
Interesting Facts
Despite its popularity, designer dog breeds are not officially recognized. Even if their parents are registered, the resulting offspring will remain without documents. A different result can only be achieved if a new breed is bred for a long time. As a result, she will have nurseries and clubs of the breed.

Many designer animals carry quite funny names that combine the features of their parents’ breeds. The result is funny words. A similar tradition originates from Elizabeth II. Since 2006, selectors have begun to give unique puppies more original names that are not related to their parents.

Designer dogs: which breeds exist?
Today, the number of extraordinary breeds is growing every year. The following dogs are among the main representatives of the design direction:

vestipu (westiepoo) – a breed obtained by crossing a toy poodle and a West Highland. Westipu was first introduced to the United States, it is compact in size, the height of the body exceeds its length.

Has a wavy soft coat, practically does not fade. The classic color is white. Brown, black and beige puppies are less common;

goldendoodle (goldendoodle) – a breed obtained by crossing a poodle and a golden retriever. The pet is notable for good health, practically does not fade. The breed has two sizes – miniature and classic. The body of the dog is proportional. The most common colors are cream, red, apricot;

cavapoo is a mixture of a poodle and a King Charles Spaniel. The breed is very obedient, ideal for the role of an apartment inhabitant. Pets have a miniature size, thick fur. The colors of the breed can be very diverse. Plain-colored pets are most valued;
cockapu is a mixture of cocker spaniel and poodle. Pets are held in high esteem due to their friendly nature and minimal exposure to molting. Animals are very human oriented, will become reliable nannies. Show love even to other pets in the house;
Cocker Poodle – Cockapoo breed
Photo: Cocker Poodle – Cockapu breed

Labradoodle is a breed bred by crossing a poodle and a Labrador Retriever. The animal is quick learner, loyalty and cheerful disposition. Labradoodle breed health is practically not vulnerable, a weak point.

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