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The effect of animals on human life

The science of animal therapy (zootherapy, pettherapy) is becoming more and more popular all over the world. This is an animal treatment. Its main areas are canister therapy (treatment with dogs), hippotherapy (horses), dolphin therapy (help of dolphins), feline therapy (treatment with cats). When interacting with animals, a person receives a charge of positive energy and emotions, which has a beneficial effect on his psyche, thoughts and actions. A person becomes happier and more joyful, as a result of which his physical condition improves.
The influence of animals on human life is great and healing. I will tell you about the benefit of dogs.

The benefits of having a dog near a person
Touching animals has a calming effect on humans.
Contribute to lower blood pressure and lower heart rate.
The level of IgA immunoglobulin rises.
The dog contributes to the longevity of the owner (it is believed that the dog extends life by 4-5 years).
Dog owners are much less likely to have cardiovascular disease.
The appearance of a puppy in older people can “breathe life into them” and prolong it, brightening up loneliness, because a new meaning of life will appear and a clump of positive energy that is fun around the house.
The therapeutic benefits of animals are enormous. Therapist dogs are used in nursing homes, in hospitals, in educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, and the army.
Dogs by smell recognize some diseases and can warn the owner about them. What can they smell: cancerous tumors, infections of the genitourinary system, determination of sugar levels in diabetics, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety disorders, stress, migraines, convulsions with epilepsy, narcolepsy, etc.
A dog is a good way to make acquaintances, friends, like-minded people and even find a life partner.
Dogs promote a healthy lifestyle, as require constant walking in the fresh air and physical activity.

In 2001, a study was conducted at the University of Sweden. It was led by a professor of epidemiology, Tove Fall. Each person in Sweden has his or her identification number, which allows you to track your health. Dogs are all microchipped, and this chip contains information about the owner. Thanks to these data, it became possible to conduct such a study. 3.4 million people participated. At the age of 40-80 years. At the time of the study, they had no signs of cardiovascular disease. Of these, 13% are dog owners. Their health status was monitored for 12 years. A comparison was made of those who had a dog and those who did not. As a result, it turned out that pet owners have a 26% lower chance of cardiovascular disease. And the risk of death for another reason is 20% lower.

Why are dogs so positive for us?
Reason for Research
1. Activity in the fresh air.

According to various studies, dog walking helps to reduce body weight, reduces the need for doctor visits, and stimulates regular moderate exercise.

2. Building social networks.

Regular walking of the dog helps to establish social ties and acquaintances, forms friendships and can even help find a life partner (study by Dr. Lisa Wood, University of Western Australia).

3. A significant reduction in stress levels.

Through various studies at universities, students were offered contact and interaction with dogs in stressful situations such as exam. The results were very optimistic: such communication contributed to the activation of mental activity, reduced the level of stress, significantly improved the mood and well-being of students.

4. Improving health. Some countries have a practice of taking a pet with them to work. It was noted that the presence of dogs in offices increases productivity, creates a positive trend (study by Randolph Barker, a professor of management at the VCU School of Business). He noted significant differences in perceived stress in those days when dogs were present and those days when they were absent. Also, job satisfaction among employees who interact with dogs during the working day was much higher than usual.
5. Help with anxiety and depression. As a result of various studies, it was found that touching the dogs, stroking them, feeling attached to them helps to overcome depression and anxiety much faster and easier.
6. The ritualization of life.
To overcome deep feelings, sorrows, mental problems, rituals, routine, schedules, modes and responsibility for someone are important. This is what gives us cohabitation with a dog and following everyday grooming procedures: walking, feeding, timely exercise, physical and intellectual routines, combing out, cutting nails, washing paws, visiting a veterinarian, etc.

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