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Mating dogs: basic rules and process description

Breeding animals is a troublesome business, requiring the breeder to give full return. To get healthy and standard puppies you have to try. Dog breeding should be carried out under strict master control to ensure the quality of the process.

Consider the basic conditions and understand the nuances of proper pairing.

Mating rules
Mating dogs includes a number of rules necessary to comply with:

Each partner must have a good pedigree. Thoroughbred puppies sell better, and not purebred babies often remain outside. Think in advance of ways of transferring offspring to reliable owners.
Only healthy individuals are involved in mating. Diseases and infections provoke miscarriages and developmental problems in newborn puppies.
Do not untie the dog during the first estrus. A six-month-old animal is not ready either physically or mentally. A possible pregnancy threatens with serious complications.
The optimal period for mating is 3 estruses per 2 year life. The same age is also suitable for males.
Late unleashing of over 5 years of age is not permissible. The dog’s body can not cope with the upcoming loads. If for some reason the pregnancy of the animal is not planned before this age, then sterilization will be the best solution.
Frequent mating wear out the body. Experts recommend resorting to mating no more than 1 time in 2 estrus. Also, you should not breed dogs over 5 years, but dogs can be involved in the process for about 10 years.
For the first knitting, experienced partners are used. An untied male or female is selected depending on the gender.
To determine the days favorable for knitting, a special calendar is set up. The owner must monitor the condition of his dog, noting the days of ovulation. Depending on the duration of estrus (21-28 days), an appropriate time is selected, falling out on 10-15 days. For reliability, repeated mating is carried out, since the first time does not always guarantee a successful conception.
Before mating, both animals take anthelmintic and antiparasitic devices. If the presence of helminths, ticks, lice or fleas is diagnosed, then the pets are sent for treatment and do not participate in mating.

Future partners submit additional tests. Venous blood and a swab from the vagina will help determine the presence of infectious and viral diseases. A positive diagnosis involves immediate treatment and a temporary taboo for any mating.
Taking multivalent vaccines. The passage of preventive vaccinations and the availability of confirmation stamps are a prerequisite for safe mating.
The process takes place on the territory of the partner. Native smells allow him to feel calm and confidence.
The intestines and bladder of both participants are empty on a preliminary walk.

Basic Rules
Please note that the uncontrolled mating of dogs leads to an increase in strollers, therefore, outbred animals purchased exclusively for love and affection are sterilized. This decision will not only save the pet from a number of possible diseases, but also prevent the growth of abandoned animals.

Preparation for knitting
Preparing for a crucial moment includes the following steps:

Search for a partner. It will be safe to search for a private breeder or specialized nursery.
The expansion of vitamins and minerals in the daily diet. Proper and balanced feeding will allow the dog to carry healthy offspring.

Veterinary examination. The health of each partner needs a professional conclusion.
Treatment for parasites and worms. It is made a month before the event.
Mandatory walk before the start of the process. Full organs can interfere with animals.
Haircut and hygiene. Partners should be thoroughly washed, paying particular attention to the genitals. For convenience, long hair, which interferes with the approach to the intimate area, is cut in advance.
Determination of partner’s readiness. In addition to calculating the optimal day of dog ovulation, the following criteria will help:
the appearance of interest in males;
swelling and softness of the loop;
a decrease in the abundance of secretions and a change in shade to pinkish or yellowish;
pressing on the back provokes tail abduction and adoption of a pose suitable for mating.

Bitch’s reproductive system
Place for knitting
Prepare a future knitting site in advance. The confidence of the male and the final effectiveness of the process depend on the manipulations performed:

Use a place familiar to the dog. The apartment or house in which he lives will be an ideal option. However, some situations are such that you have to choose a place that is familiar to your partner. In this case, the pet must visit the new territory in advance. Inspection and sniffing will help him calm down.
Try not to change the territory during repeated mating. A familiar environment favorably affects both animals.

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