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Dog chipping – a foreign innovation that makes life easier

Almost every four-legged owner heard about dog chipping. The procedure is actively offered in veterinary clinics and often flashes in the media. However, Russian citizens are in no hurry to use the wonderful technology, fearing possible tricks.

We will figure out whether it is really worth fearing a futuristic procedure or is it better to take a pet to it today.

What is chipping
Chipping dogs – a procedure involving the implantation of a transponder into the body of an animal.

An implantable transponder, or simply a chip, is represented by complex microcircuits that assign unique digital combinations to a specific pet. The size of the tiny chip is 1.2cm * 0.2cm. Such proportions provide comfortable movement of the pet and do not affect life.

Transponder Dimensions
After the procedure, the electronic database containing information about each of the chipped animals is updated with new data:

country and region of residence;
breed and health of the dog;
exact address of residence and contact numbers of the owner.
Please note that in the Russian Federation the procedure is voluntary and is carried out only at the request of the owners.

The developer of the first chips for animals was the American company Texas Instruments, which released the first copy in the 89th year of the 20th century.

What is chipping for?
Dog chipping is necessary for:

Verification of the authenticity of the breed purchased by the animal. Fraudsters will not be able to deceive when selling.
Participation in international exhibitions. The chip prevents the illegal substitution of participants, ensuring fair refereeing.

Definitions of the owner of the found pet. You can read information from the chip in any veterinary clinic. Animal data are not only available at the country level, but are also included in the international database.
Crossing the borders of the European Union. The procedure is regulated at the legislative level.
Proof of ownership. Any pet is part of the property. In case of litigation, all the necessary information is read from the chip. If the chipped pet has been stolen, the court will take the side of the victim.
When and how to do it
The safety of the procedure allows you to chip the puppy after reaching the age of one month. The whole process takes about 5 minutes and is similar to a normal vaccination:

The implantable chip is pre-scanned to confirm its functionality. Check compliance with international standards. A device that does not comply with ISO standards does not allow crossing the European border.
Using hollow play, a special solution containing a transponder is introduced to the patient:
long-haired representatives spread their hair, making it easier to access the skin, lubricated with an antiseptic (alcohol, hydrogen peroxide) and injected into the withers or under the left shoulder blade;
Shorthair dogs are chipped into the inner thigh area.
Chipping needle

The size of the chip is slightly larger than a grain of rice. The device is in a capsule made of biological glass, compatible with the tissues of living organisms and not causing an allergic reaction.
After implantation, the veterinarian performs a control check of the transponder and enters the barcode data into the passport and the dog’s pedigree.
Inside the body, living tissue begins to surround the capsule, immobilizing it and preventing it from moving freely.
The animal can only be washed after 2 days. It is also not recommended to comb the injection site. For reliability, the dog put on a special collar.
You can chip your pet at the veterinary clinic or dog training center. In large cities, doctors who carry out the procedure can be called to their homes. The home environment guarantees the pet’s comfort, eliminating the possibility of stressful situations. This option is suitable for puppies and shy animals.

Please note that it is possible to feel the microchip under the skin of a pet only with thin skin and unexpressed body fat. But even in this case, you need to purposefully feel the pet, trying to calculate the location of the device. Normal stroking will not allow to notice a foreign object.

Code Decryption
Possible combinations do not leave a chance for random selection, guaranteeing the security of the system.

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