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How long do pregnant dogs walk?

Breeding a breed is not only profitable, but also an interesting activity, introducing all aspects of the life of a particular animal. One of its most important stages is pregnancy, which allows you to enjoy the results of labor. New organisms developing in the womb have a serious strain on the canine organism. In this regard, the expectant mother needs help and support from the owner. Consider how many pregnant dogs walk and how much the usual care for the animals will change.

Signs of pregnancy
Past mating is not a guarantee of pregnancy. In this regard, experienced breeders hold repeated meetings to consolidate the result.

During the first month, the pregnancy of the pet does not bear clear signs. The supervisor may note:

decreased activity and rejection of long walks;
decreased or increased appetite;
nausea (note that if its duration is more than a month, then intoxication of the body is possible);
search for secluded places and nervousness when crowding people or other four-legged.

Pregnant dog
If these symptoms are found, the dog should be taken to a veterinary clinic. The visit should be planned no earlier than a month after mating. When diagnosing, ultrasound is used to help determine not only the fact of a special situation, but also the exact number of future babies.

A month after conception, you can see external signs:

enlargement and rounding of the abdomen;
secretion of viscous mucus from the loop;
swelling of the nipples, sometimes accompanied by pigmentation.
Palpations can be palpated by the end of 2 months. Please note that this action should not be performed independently. Lack of experience can result in personal injury.

Closer to the onset of childbirth is observed:

puppy movement;
aggression towards strangers;
the creation of caches with edible reserves;
device “nests” for the future family;
the appearance of milk;
loss of appetite.
How long
As a rule, the onset of labor falls on the period from 55 to 66 days after conception. Nevertheless, puppies that appeared early (53-55 days) or, conversely, late (66-71 days), are also able to be born healthy under certain factors:

Breed size. Large breeds have to bear offspring longer than small ones.
The number of pregnancies. The duration of pregnancy in dogs giving birth again will be lower than in those who bear cubs for the first time.

Conception date. If there were several mating, and not the first was the cause of pregnancy, then the period is shifted.
Number and size of future puppies:
a large number of fruits implies a long development;
Large babies are in a hurry to be born earlier than usual.
The number of successful bindings. Repeated bindings during one ovulation can give results in all attempts. In this case, the gestational age is determined by later mating.
If the time shifts from the norm over 10 days, you should seek help from a specialist. When confirming the maturation of the puppies, Caesarean section is used to extract them.

Caring for a pregnant dog
A pregnant dog requires constant attention from the owner, including care and proper care. If a caring attitude should be monitored at any time, then the features of care vary depending on the weekly duration of the current pregnancy:

First week. Nausea may occur. Nutrition does not change, but as prescribed by the doctor, vitamin complexes are added to the food. Processing with special preparations (anthelmintics, antiparasitic drugs) is carried out only under the supervision of a specialist.
Second week. Loss of interest in the opposite sex is accompanied by drowsiness and loss of appetite. The dog often flippers, trying to attract the attention of the owner. The diet and daily workouts continue as usual.
Third week. There is a slight swelling of the nipples or a change in the skin tone next to them on a pinker. A lethargic state is becoming the norm. Servings increase only with increased appetite.
Fourth week. In addition to morning nausea and general fatigue, the appearance of transparent mucus that comes out when urinating can be added. The dog is transferred to fractional nutrition, which implies frequent meals, but in smaller volumes. As prescribed by the veterinarian, vitamin and mineral supplements are added. Games that require increased activity are temporarily excluded. Also, any hard training is prohibited.
Fifth week. A control ultrasound is done, which determines the number of puppies. The dog stops vomiting and normal appetite. Remaining fractional, nutrition increases.

How long do pregnant dogs walk?
Breeding a breed is not only profitable, but also an interesting activity, introducing all aspects of the life of a particular animal. One of its most important stages is pregnancy,…


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