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What does a dry nose mean in a dog?

It’s no secret that a dog’s dry nose is a cause for excitement. But why did such a concept take shape and is such a change in the olfactory organ really dangerous for the pet?

Let’s try to understand these issues, considering the main reasons responsible for the disappearance of the usual sputum.

Causes of occurrence
Humidity and coolness of the nose are explained by its structure and purpose. The mucous membranes located on the external and internal sides secrete a special fluid that moisturizes the olfactory organ. In addition to the olfactory properties, tactile ones are also noteworthy, reacting to minor changes in the environment.

Wet nose
A change in nose temperature is considered normal if the dog:

immersed in a dream or left it recently;
overworked after exhausting physical activity;
was under the scorching sun without proper protection;
for a long time stayed in the cold during windy weather;
pregnant, passes through lactation or estrus;
still very small and is undergoing a change of teeth (a puppy’s warm nose will return to normal gradually with adulthood);
experienced severe stress associated with moving, going to the veterinarian or other troublesome event;
predisposed to dryness and warmth at the genetic level.
Please note that all the examples considered should not be disturbing only in the absence of other disturbing symptoms. If the appetite, mood and activity are maintained at the same level, then the animal is in perfect order.

The main causes that promise trouble include:

Cold. It is accompanied by a number of other symptoms that require careful diagnosis.
Viral diseases. The greatest danger is plague and rabies, leading to death.
Helminthiasis, threatening intoxication of the whole body in the absence of timely measures.
Pemphigus is an immune disease that involves not only a dry nose, but also the presence of bubbles with liquid on it.
Allergy. The allergens responsible for the disease are diverse and need a medical evaluation.
Injury. The resulting wound can be determined by the presence of pain.
Pemphigus in a dog

When registering a dry nose, carefully check for other disturbing symptoms:

temperature fluctuations (rise above 39.2 ° or fall below 37.5 °);
deterioration of the condition of the coat (loss, disheveled appearance);
problems with the digestive tract (upset stool, vomiting);
peeling of the surface of the nose, the appearance of crusts and cracks;
apathy, aggressiveness, avoiding places flooded with the sun;
changes in appetite and interest in water;
itching, coughing, runny nose, wheezing in the chest.
Please note that a dog should immediately be taken to a veterinary clinic if she has:

there was an attack with loss of consciousness;
difficulty urinating and defecating;
temperature sharply exceeded the mark of 40 °;
turbid mucus from the sinuses appeared, exuding an unpleasant odor;
extraneous impurities are observed in the feces;
traces of blood in the vomit are noticeable.
Also consider the classic signs that accompany dryness, depending on its cause:

Cold. The dog observed:
drowsiness and lethargy;
runny nose and cough;
shortness of breath and wheezing;
rise in temperature.
Viral diseases. Rabies can be suspected by the appearance of photophobia, and the following symptoms are characteristic of the plague:
pallor of mucous membranes;
foamy vomiting with bloody impurities;
the appearance of seizures and a change in the usual gait.
Helminthiasis. Accumulations of worms lead to:
dehydration and intoxication;
temperature jumps;
an increase in the abdominal region;
Pemphigus. The resulting blisters burst, dry out and become covered with crusts that interfere with normal breathing.
Allergy. An allergic reaction is accompanied by:
cooling of the nose;
peeling skin.
Injury. A damaged area may swell, swell, or ulcerate. All this is dangerous with infection and fracture, so the help of a veterinarian is required.
Vet examination
Vet examination
Diagnosis and treatment
If a pet has a bunch of symptoms, then it should be shown to a doctor. Try to do this with maximum comfort for the sick animal. If there is a high temperature, then it is more reasonable to leave the pet at home, having called the veterinarian.

Please note that it is impossible to bring down the temperature yourself using antipyretics. Such actions can aggravate the patient’s condition.

After passing the necessary tests and diagnosing the cause that affected the dryness of the nose, appropriate treatment will be prescribed:

Taking antibiotics to fight viral diseases.
Correction of the diet, allowing to determine the allergen, and sparing the sick body.
Elimination of injuries with the use of painkillers and healing ointments.
The use of anthelmintics and cleansing the body of worm products.
Rehydration of a dehydrated animal by infusion of special solutions.

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