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Dog Food Classes

Today, each type of dog food – dry, semi-moist, wet, canned – has its own classification. It can not be called unified, uniform for all the leading manufacturers of ready-made dog food, but it is conditionally divided into the following components: feed of economy class, premium class, super-premium class and holistic. Each of them is characterized by rather specific parameters:

category of meat products;
sources and quality of protein – a special concentrated protein;
vitamin palette;
the amount and range of minerals, their ratio;
the presence of flavorings, food colors, preservatives;
the presence of additives that positively affect the work of individual organs of the dog;
Economy Feed
The basis of feed at this price line is food waste. Of course, you will not find dietary meat in the assortment of meat ingredients included in this ready-made meal. Very often, in such products, meat as such is completely absent, and it is replaced mainly with animal fats, tendons and bone meal. The dominant source of protein are proteins of plant origin, obtained from soybean meal, wheat and other crops (usually by the ready-made food producers of this class plant components are characterized by the word “cereals”). The general composition of the product is not balanced enough, the amino acids present in it, micro and macro elements do not differ in variety. The energy value of such feed is from 240 to 310 kcal / 100 g.
The health of your dog depends on choosing the right food.
Judging by the fact that for most dogs, economy-class food is to their liking, its taste is quite tempting. But such a piquancy of the product is due only to the aromas and artificial flavors present in it. The appearance of food is due to food coloring. The dog itself hardly pays attention to its quality, but the owner, of course, will be pleased to buy a mouth-watering product.

Actually, this type of feed includes all the components that are minimally necessary for the dog, but the benefits of such food are few. If an alternative to economy-class food is a menu of vermicelli and sausages, then it is better to stop at the first option, but, choosing between a finished product and, for example, buckwheat porridge with a good piece of meat, of course, preference should be given to natural treats.

Regular and long-term feeding with economy-class feeds to the dog is contraindicated, since the low quality of the meat component and the minimum amount of nutrients in the product will sooner or later affect the health of your pet and its appearance, in particular the condition of the coat.

The following brands are in the list of the most popular feeds of economy class in Russia:

“Our brand”;
“Psarny yard”;
Dog food economy class – a set of offal of the II category (production waste)
Dog food economy class – a set of offal of the II category (production waste)
Premium feed
In Russia, dog owners most often prefer premium feeds. Their range is very wide and heterogeneous. Some of them almost do not lose in their qualities to a super-premium class product, while others, on the contrary, do not significantly exceed the level of an economy class.

Premium feed, along with meat, contains offal of the II category, however, on the product packaging, as a rule, there is no information about which meat products were used in the production process. The amount of meat ingredients is up to 30%, the dominant component in this feed is most often rice.

The described product contains more proteins of animal origin than in economy class products; vitamins, macro- and microelements are much wider in it, while the complex of all nutrient ingredients is quite well balanced. However, undesirable chemical compounds such as colorants, flavors, and preservatives are also present here. The energy value of the product is 310-350 kcal / 100 g.

Since the components of various premium feeds stand out with an impressive variety, the percentage of meat, and, as a result, the price, when choosing a product, seek the advice and recommendations of a veterinarian or breeder. You can also consult with the owners of dogs of the same breed as your pet, read reviews about your chosen feed on the Web. Among the most famous premium feeds are the following:

Royal Canin;
“Pro Plan”;
Purina One
“Dog Chow”;
“Natures Protection”;
Brit Premium
The first three of the above feeds top the ranking of the most sought after dog foods.

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