How long do pregnant dogs walk?
Breeding a breed is not only profitable, but also an interesting activity, introducing all aspects of the life of a particular animal. One of its most important stages is pregnancy,…

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What you need to know when choosing a dog?
When choosing a puppy, each of us wants to be sure that his pet is the best of all possible. However, sometimes dogs develop features that are not mentioned in…

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Safety Above All
Safety Above All The main thing is not to panic. If you crawl into a dog fight with frightened cries to save your dog, it will not end in any…

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even if it does


For families with small children, the selection of the dog breed is quite acute, since this dog itself must not only meet certain criteria, but also be 100% safe. In general, with proper training, almost every dog ​​can get along well with children, but for such training you need to be an experienced dog handler. If the family decided to take a pet for the first time, then, of course, you should choose a puppy of a breed of a kind and soft nature. In the world there are quite a lot of dog breeds that are ideal for children; we will dwell on the most common and popular animals.

COLLIE One of the most beautiful dogs getting along with children is collie. Such dogs are quite intelligent, kind, non-conflict and very easy to train. Collies love children and play with them with great pleasure and enthusiasm, while being constantly on the alert, in order to protect the child from a stranger in case of danger. Collie dogs have a good-natured character and are very loyal to the people with whom they live. Continue reading

How to cut a dog

Every dog, whether it is an exquisite decorative baby or a formidable giant dog, needs to take care of its coat. A shiny, neat, sleek “fur coat” is not only a reflection of the animal’s good health, but also evidence that the owner treats his pet with love and care. Dog grooming is a mandatory procedure, without which the pet will never look comme il faut, however, its features and frequency vary depending on the breed of the pet and the type of coat. Most owners, armed with special grooming tools, prefer to cut the dog at home. Four-armed “stars” of the world of cynology, participants in exhibitions and championships, luxurious model haircuts are usually created by professionals, unless the enthusiastic owners themselves learn this rather complicated craft.
Trimmed and combed Yorkshire Terrier
For dog grooming types, there are two basic definitions: hygienic and model. The first is required for all pets. It includes cutting or trimming overgrown hair on the face, ears, beard, if any, between the fingers and the pads of the paws, in the genital area.

Hygienic also includes cutting the entire body of the dog, necessary or desirable in some cases. Among them – a strong confusion of the coat, numerous mats on all parts of the animal’s body, dermatitis, fleas, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.

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Dog Food Classes

Today, each type of dog food – dry, semi-moist, wet, canned – has its own classification. It can not be called unified, uniform for all the leading manufacturers of ready-made dog food, but it is conditionally divided into the following components: feed of economy class, premium class, super-premium class and holistic. Each of them is characterized by rather specific parameters:

category of meat products;
sources and quality of protein – a special concentrated protein;
vitamin palette;
the amount and range of minerals, their ratio;
the presence of flavorings, food colors, preservatives;
the presence of additives that positively affect the work of individual organs of the dog;
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